Thứ Năm, 21 tháng 4, 2016

It's zombie time in Zombogrinder stabbed 2

Zombies are normal characters in other entertainment media such as movies and TV series such as World War Z and The Walking Dead. There are three reasons why the character is appreciated by the people and gamers. One is because of the thrill it gives individuals the clock. The second is because they are creatures either fact or fiction that makes people more curious and concerned about them. Finally is because they stimulate people just by watching or see them. It has built-in flash games. One example is a game called Zombogrinder 2.

This game is a combination of racing and zombie falls. This is very suitable for avid gamers adventure, thrill, and excitement. Players will have to drive in a highway zombie infested. You must be able to dodge, smash and crash all the zombies as much as possible. The farther the distance you gain, the higher score you will get. Be precise and quick to achieve certain goals in this game.

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