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Prepare for a bloody ride in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3

Do you like the multi-part game series called Earn To Die 2012? If your answer is a yes, there is a good news for you. If your answer is a no, don’t worry because you will love it after reading this whole article. It is about a flash game that involves zombie-crushing and it is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 3. This is obviously the third part of the multi-part game Earn To Die. This part 3 offers features that will surely thrill and challenge players.

You must first know your goal before taking into action. The objective of this game is still the same which is to survive the hordes of zombies by smashing, bumping and crushing them into pieces until there is bloodbath feels. Games Earn To Die You have three levels that need to pass such as Level 1 for an easier obstacle and designation, Level 2 for a moderate difficulty and Level 3 for a very difficult smashing experience. There are three types of vehicles that you can use such as a van, flatbed truck and a tanker truck. Enjoy and prepare for a virtual bloody ride now!

Take good care of the ducklings in Duck Life 4

Some people are confused with ducks because they are considered birds but they can’t fly that high compared to other feathered creatures. Nevertheless, these animals are very useful for mankind. It does not only serve as balancer in the ecosystem but also a good source of food such as meat and eggs. They are highly appreciated in different entertainment medium just like the game series called Duck Life. This is very popular and a testament to it is the fourth edition from the series which is called Duck Life 4. Please rely on the next paragraph for more details.

Obviously, the player will be dealing with a duckling in this game. As a player, you will have to train, raise and develop the duckling into a champion duck. Train the duckling everyday until it is ready to take a splash in certain competition in which there is a chance that it will be a great champion duck. Since this is already the fourth installment, you can expect for more aesthetics and gameplay. Search for it through online websites and and click to play for an entertaining game.

Defend your trophy in Paper Defense

Paper Defense is a shooting and action game. Your goal is to protect your base from the enemies by putting up guns; you have to defend your trophy. At the beginning of the game, you can choose Start Game wherein you have to survive fifty waves of enemy attacks, or Survival.
paper defense
If this is the first time you will play Paper Defense, you should take the tutorial. You will expand your base by connecting different types of walls which give you different types of bonuses. You have to earn cash to be able to expand and put up your defenses. You earn by killing enemies. At the upper left corner, you will find how much you earned, and how much life is left to your trophy. Paper Defense is a strategy game between defenses and resources. It is a hard game but it is fun to play.

Get a glimpse of a soldier’s journey in Endless War 3

If there is one tough job which is dangerous and hard to pull through, it will be the one pertaining to a soldier. Beside the education and training that one needs to undergo in becoming a recruit, the most difficult part is the sacrifice that one needs to endure in order to serve his or her country or nation. There will be times that he or she will be in near danger while there will also be times that he or she will be in great emotional swing that involves sadness, longingness and being homesick. Endless War 3 which is the main topic in this article will let you have a glimpse of a soldier’s journey in a virtual medium.
Earn To Die This is the third installment from the game series Endless Wars which is developed by Vitaly Zaborov. This is a shooting game that requires strategies and planning. The player will have to think before making an action. One should be patient and efficient. There are four campaigns that you can enjoy such as Iraq War, WW2- Pacific Ocean, WW3- Humans and WW3- Mutants. If you are planning to become a soldier someday, you should play this game at. 
earn to die

Reach the outer space in Luis Launch

One important factor in creating a flash game is the uniqueness. This factor is very important since it will make the game stand out among other games. It is understood that games existing at the moment are quite the same and it is a challenge for game creators to create one that will stand out. One good example is the game called Luis Launch. Are you familiar with this game? If not, it is totally fine because you will learn details or information about it as you read the entirety of this article.
Luis Launch
The main character in this game is Luis Castanon. The player’s role or objective is to help Luis reach the outer space using a rubber band. The player will pull Luis using the band and release him upwards as he reaches for the outer space. There will be beans that will fuel Luis’ flight so make sure that you will be able to collect all of them to boost your performance.

Bump the blue circles off the screen in Buttonheads 2

Buttonheads 2 is the second installment from the game series called Buttonheads which was created by Indus Labs and was released in 2011. This is considered as a cute shooter game because of the incorporation of cute buttonheads from which the name of the game came from. Since this is already the second edition, players can expect for improvements. One improvements that you will notice is the number of levels to play which is 25 at this particular version.

The goal is still the same which is to bump the blue buttonheads off the screen. You will control the yellow buttonhead as the main ball. You will aim and fire by clicking the mouse towards the direction that the blue ones are located. You have five attempts in each level and if you fail, you can try again. Make sure that you know the direction and right power to bump off the blue buttonheads as well as avoid the red ones.

Help the human stick figure in Sniper Assassin 3

Sniper Assassin 3 is the third installment from the game series called Sniper Assassin. The great thing about this particular series is the worthy story that players or gamers can relate and will really look forward into reading and experiencing. The main character in this game is named Shawn Davidson who wants to avenge his wife. His wife was murdered by a drug lord named Mr. Johnson. Davidson is hunting him throughout the series.

In this third installment, the main character’s mission is to hunt Davidson as well as kill all the individuals working for him. Your objective in this game is to identify, locate and kill your targets. Make sure that you are careful to not hurt innocent people as it may affect your score at the end of the game. This installment has 14 levels for you to play and finish. If you finished this game, you will have to look forward on the next game that will be very exciting and thrilling.