Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 4, 2016

FireBoy and WaterGirl 1

Preparing for a, teamwork-based action game - packed! Temple FireBoy and WaterGirl in a forest, problem-solving, adventure arcade game challenges you to simultaneously guide two brave friends (Fire Boy & Water Girl) through a series of multi-platform level to escape the forest temple. Using team spirit is really good, you have to flip the switch, the door open, pulled the lever, and methodically solve a series of small tasks in each underground, maze-like levels.

This easy to play, arrows only, platform adventure flash game is a refreshing reminder of the classic platform game like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. To play this game you must be well aware, quick-witted answer these riddles flexibility. finger dexterity, agility to fulfill the requirements of the game. The real test is how you incorporate additional movement of the two characters of hard work in harmony with each other to form a platform all-conquering duo! Good teamwork is definitely the key to success!

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