Thứ Năm, 14 tháng 4, 2016

Help the Princess in The Shotgun Princess

It is another flash game which involves escaping from a particular place. Games with similar theme like in The Shotgun Princess have been getting the attention of many gamers or players around the world for two reasons. First, these involve logical and strategical thinking that players must have. Second is because these are usually operated through the mouse where a player needs to point and click which is easier compared to other games’ controls. The Shotgun Princess is simply about a princess who has been trapped and locked in her own house.

The story of this game is that the princess comes home late without knowing the danger that can happen to her because of the goblins and a cruel witch. She was locked or trapped in her own house and the player must help her escape. The princess uses a shotgun in order to defeat goblins and the witch. The player must carefully guide the princess so that she can escape from her own house.

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