Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 7, 2016

PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour

PAC-MAN's world, refurbished to match 3 puzzle fun!
Double your pleasure with the new Time Attack mode Score!
Use the sauce and skills for a fresh game experience!

Old friends are back!
Aim for high scores with your partner to help!
Scrumptiously Addicting Arcade game!
PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour features a simple to learn and deliciously addicting matching game you know and love, but with the new PAC-twisting!
Meet (and Catch) All Ghosts New!

Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde brought all new ghost friends - face the specter of all new special abilities! Faced with Crystal Ghost, Duc Co, and more!
Log in to Facebook and compete with your friends!
Earn gifts, and increase your ranking too!

Customize your logo and show it to your friends.
In addition to PAC-MAN and the ghosts, even you can choose characters from other games, like Katamari Damacy or Mappy.
tour mode has also been revised!
Try it out, extravagant new stage!


This game contains a number of items available for purchase within the app that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in the Google Play Store or Install to install the device, see 
This game contains optional push notifications to inform you about the content or the new event.
This game contains optional social features allow you to connect and play with friends.
PAC-MAN ™ & © 2016 Puzzle BANDAI NAMCO Tour Entertainment Inc.

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