Thứ Bảy, 18 tháng 6, 2016

2112 Revolution

Revolution's 2112 epic about the fierce battle between humans and two peoples mysterious aliens, scrambled super energy sources are extremely scarce Hr3.

2112 is an online game with gameplay genre combination realtime strategy game and goalkeeper. Besides, the player must also build and develop their own grounds. Regarding design, design trends of 2112 playing fault trending mid-core, meaning that the 2112 game will not be as simple as boring as many online games in the market, especially the genre webgame , but also simplify complex elements go where the traditional strategy game often see, that will make the community more accessible to gamers.


Participate in 2112, players can choose one of three races to develop, and each race, not only differ in form, but also vary in both nature and characteristics related to fighting . Players will choose according to your interests, personality and its own calculation.

Also quest system is broad and deep, enabling gamers if you want to still be able to enjoy in 2112 in the style of a game offline, in 2112 also contains a PvP system extremely alluring promises. Each match will be a real contest of wills to take advantage shock for each player, and of course, it will not stop at 1vs1 PvP mode, which will be played according to the team.

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